Getting the Best Plumber in Whittier, CA with These Tips

It can be very daunting hiring a plumber in Whittier, CA when considering the peculiar nature of California. First, the area covered by California is huge. It covers approximately 1000 miles east to west and 750 mile north to south. It is the largest state in the east coast of the United State. The population distribution of over California bring it own problem. With these comes a large number of household and families that will require the service of a plumber. The plumbing business comprises of a lot of small business leading to a very fragmented market. This brings a challenge of needing to look at a large number plumber when hiring.  If you have a large number of plumbers to consider, it is advisable to be organized and have a list of things to look at to be able to pick the right plumber.

Consider these 7 things when hiring a plumber in Whittier, CA

Ask for recommendation. Get referrals from family, friends and neighbors. The best recommendation is from someone that has used the service of the plumber before and can confirm the competency of the plumber.

You can do your own research by using the yellow pages, search engines and other local business publications. Before you start doing your own research, make a list of what you need to look for in a plumber to be hired. Things such as experience, type of service offered, if the plumber offer emergency service, area of plumbing the plumber specialize in, does the plumber focus on commercial and residential e.t.c. Hire a local plumber that meet all these requirements.

Check the credential of the plumber. Does the plumber Whittier have practicing license? Have insurance? What kind of testimonials and reviews are past clients giving? How long as the plumber been working in Whittier, CA and how many years experience does the plumber have? Try avoiding hiring a plumber that lacks experience and go for a plumber with many experiences and fix the problem in a cost effective manner.


Find out from the plumbers where they are located and the main areas their services cover, for example how fast can the plumber mobilize to your location? How fast can they mobilize to site during an emergency? How close is your house to the key area covered by the plumber? Find out from the plumber their unique selling point.

Request for a job quote from different plumber and see if the quote is within your budget. It is important to know what it will cost you upfront to avoid any change in price in future. Even minor jobs can be costly that makes it important to have a full understanding how the plumber bill for job done in advance.

Check online for the plumber’s reputation. Is the plumbing company looking like a professional company and have a good reputation. Look if the website is up to date and how relevant is the website content. Observe the way the plumber manage their business and check how good is the plumber customer care service. As the saying goes first impression matter! Socal Plumbing & rooter is a company that can provide good plumbing service in Whittier and as a good reputation with the local population.

Lastly, initially, get as many quotes from different plumber as possible for both non emergency and emergency jobs. This will allow you see if the plumber will meet your standards. Arrange a meeting to meet the plumber in person. In the event of an emergency, you will be able to make a timely decision during period were time becomes an important factor.

Good luck to you as you try to find the best plumber in Whittier, CA for you.

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